~Holiness~ is Christ in Me

The world holy essentially means different” (Gerth). Now bear with me on this connection for a second. I thought it was a bit of a stretch when I first heard it as well. 

A synonym of the word holy is sacred. That, most of us can wrap out minds around. Okay, now the definition of the word sacred can be summed up in ‘set apart’. And then a different way to say ‘set apart’ is, yeah you guessed it, different. Holiness means different. 

Therefore, the holiness that is Christ in us is actually the differences in us {Christ followers}. Those differences set us apart from the world. 

So many people find anxiety in being different. They want to listen to the same music as their friends, dress like their friends. Some people want to talk like everyone…

Psychologically, it is even suggested that we find average looks more attractive (Beholding). We want to be like everyone else. The world tells us that is what is “better”. And “better” is being like everyone else. We find a false sense of security and comfort in being average. That security you might feel is a lie. The only true security, true peace, is Jesus. So instead of settling for this feeling that leaves and we have to go searching for it all over again, how about we go after the only firm answer? How about we decide to find the peace our Jesus longs for us to find!!

So listsen to this. We have anxiety about being different. It scares us. But if we do it, if we walk faithfully {and therefore differently from the world}, then Jesus promises peace. It’s that crazy?

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for your truths. Thank You for Your ways. You didn’t have to give us access to the fruits of the spirit, but You did and they are beautiful.. thank You so much for peace.

Hebrew 12:14 “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”

So not only do we actually receive peace when we begin to live up to the call of being different, but we also get the opportunity to reveal Jesus though our “different” type of person. I love talking about us, the Lord’s flock, being used as vessels to glorify Him. I love it because it is so amazing I can’t wrap my mind around it, let alone describe it. It’s that amazing, that it’s indescribable. So although I may be at a loss for words, I so badly desire for other siblings in Christ to know the JOY of being used by the Lord. 

It’s a true blessing to be different. The Lord created our inmost being for a reason. We are not mistake! We are not coincidence, my friend. No no no, we are called. We are chosen. And we may be the only true Jesus lover some people ever meet. And we should all know the kind of call that we can live up to! It is a satisfying and glorifying call. It’s beautiful. 

You are beautiful, if you are you. I, Kaylin, can only be so pretty if I am trying to be my best friend Sydney. I, Kaylin, can only be so awesome if I am trying to be my best friend, Andrea. But… I, Kaylin, I am flawless when I am me. And me is different. Different from everyone else on this planet. That is how the Good Lord created me, therefore, that is how I will forever be. 

I declare freedom from societies will to hold me and mold me into a barbie, or into a VS model, or even into the “perfect” Christian goodie-good. No, I will stand firm in who Christ has set me out to be! My call looks different than yours. Your call is different than mine. And how much more could we glorify His Kingdom if we stick to our own, personal call from the Lord. 

Lets do it! Lets be the generation that is awaken by the beauty of Him and the work He has laid before all of us. We can. He is our strength, and therefore we can. So lets.

With Love,



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Gerth, H. (n.d.). You’re loved no matter what: Freeing your heart from the               need to be perfect. From holleygerth.com


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