Full Focus Forward- Obedience.

I feel like some of us are ready to be used. Some of us are in that stage in our faith where we can say “Yes Lord” or “Here I am, Lord.” But what happens next? How do we let the Lord use us?

This is a question I have been pondering a lot recently. 

The conclusion I have come to is obedience. We have to start obediently following the Lord. I mean like a meticulous type of obedience. I mean the kind where someone might look at you like you are crazy. Or maybe the kind where you look at yourself thinking that too. The kind of obedience we don’t want to do. It might be uncomfortable or “impossible” or even simply unattractive. 

For me, this kind of obedience right now is tithing. When I was younger, I remember my mom frequently writing checks for the offertory plate. I remember pondering the importance of my dollars as I grew. When I started babysitting, I also started to get a little money here or there. I remember my mom would put a check, and I would put a 5. I remember it vividly being so easy for me. I knew mom and dad had my physiological and safety needs down. So giving up some money every now and then really didn’t bug me; it empowered me. 

But now, here I am, a poor college student, just trying to get by. And I feel a call to tithe. I feel the Lord speaking to my heart and gently telling me to give up my finances. Give up the perfect budget. Give up the security. Give to the church. For a little while I didn’t respond to this calling. I say a little while, but I mean months. For months, I came up with reasons to withhold from giving to the Kingdom. 

Finally, the Lord’s voice was so firm, my head gave into my hearts desire, and I started giving to the church. I wanted to “start with the New Year” and all that jazz. But the Lord said “Now” and I finally said “Okay.” 

This is tough for me, because I don’t necessarily have a back up plan. I really do sinfully stress about my finances, because if I just spend frugally, I will get myself into a major bind. I pay my bills, my gas, my groceries. I have companies coming after my social security number if I stop paying. That makes my mind go bonkers with worry. Worry not of the Lord, if I do so add. 

But this is what the Lord has faithfully shown me through my small obedience.

  1. Giving God complete control of my finances will ultimately give me more peace than leaving my finances in my fragile hands will. 
  2. Those little steps of biblical obedience mold me into the type of person the Lord wants to use. 

As I faithfully follow my Savior into the depths of His words. As I live out all that He as called, to the best of my ability, I will begin to receive the greatest reward my soul knows! I will be given the ability to be used for His Glorious Kingdom! Oh my gracious, can you even imagine, my friend? He uses our tiny souls as vessels for His Goodness. 

As I learn more and more about Him, that is my one desire- to be used by Him. It is the greatest honor our earthy selves will ever know, and I truly believe that to the depth of my being. I want it. I want it bad. I want to be His vessel. I want to be His worker. I want to inspire truth to those He lays in my path. Be still my soul, I am so excited! 

But first, my obedience comes in. I must faithfully walk in meticulous obedience for the Lord’s will, and then, my oh my, He will begin to use me in mightier and mightier ways. 


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