My Call


Matthew 18:5 “And whoever welcomes one such child in My name welcomes me.” Another translation says “and whoever receives one such child in My name, receiveth me.” To receive means simply means to give. I think this passage is really calling us to give children life. The Lord says right before this verse to let the children come to Him. That shows that Our God values little tiny souls, so much. He sees them as worthy. Therefore we should not take giving children life lightly. To some this passage means to bear children. I think this passage can mean that. But I also think it more broadly means to receive a child {through birth or adoption} and give them opportunity. Some children are born without opportunity. Some are undervalued or simply not placed in situations where opportunities can be given. But how can we explain not helping those little ones in need when the Lord says that they are important. He says that when we receive them, we receive Him. Therefore, all are important, and I believe we are called to help those little ones who are in need of it. 

Similar to Moses. Moses was given opportunity by the Pharaoh’s daughter. Acts 7:21 says “When he was placed outside, Pharaoh’s daughter took him and brought him up as her own son.”  The ESV even says she “adopted him.” Honestly, even in our day any age, where adoption is common, it’s still not normal to just pick a child of the side of the road {or the side of a river} and raise them at their own. Yes, she wanted a child, but the way that is all happened was still crazy. And something I have learned is I actually like sounding crazy for the Lord. I realized that wanting to one day adopt isn’t necessarily rare, but the way I talk about it sometimes makes me look “funny”. 

But really, I’m just passionate, I’m extremely passionate about adoption. I think it is one of the greatest things God has given us the ability to be apart of. It is a way for us to be the vessel to help “sustain the fatherless” {Psalms 146:9 The LORD watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.} He sustains the fatherless. What an honor, absolute honor, it would be to be a vessel God uses to sustain the fatherless. 

I have asked God so many times to use me for His glory and for His kingdom, as I am sure many God-fearing people have, and there are so many little souls our there, similar to Moses, waiting for a chance and an opportunity to live. And there is a God. A gracious gracious God giving us, as a Godly people, a call to help His kingdom through the ministry of adoption. Isn’t that absolutely beautiful? 

First He adopted us into the Sonship of Christ, and we should respond and fulfill the duties He has so clearly set before us. One of my calls is adoption. And I am so excited for the day when I can fulfill this call. Until the day the Lord has made for that, I will be in pray, deep pray for that day and that {JOY}.

Oh dear Jesus thank you so much for the little babies in this world. I pray that you would give me the abilities to one day follow the call of adoption. I pray that others might feel this call and welcome in without fear but with courage. I pray that more would follow through with this call and be a vessel for your sustainment of your children. Thank you. Amen.  

We all have a call. We all have a path. I challenge you to listen to the passions that the Lord has put on your heart. Not everyone is called to adoption, and I realize that, however, we are all called and we are all challenged to receive that call. We all matter. He loves us all. He loves those little babies that don’t have homes. He loves those who believe they aren’t worth it. He loves all. He forgives all. He calls all. Therefore, listen to the call. 

2 Timothy 4:5 “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.”


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