Pour Out.

Mentoring is a beautiful blessing the Lord has given us. 

I love mentoring my little Brittany. The Lord has blessed me so well by letting me watch her grow into the women of God that she is. 


She has grown into being one of my best friends. When I first met her, I had no idea all the Lord was going to do. I just heard that she might want me to mentor her, and I got super super excited. I just said well ok God! 

For the first bit of mentoring her, I honestly tried to do it with my own strength. Sometimes I still do. But That is one of the first things mentor has taught me. I cannot change people, and I cannot fix people. I can show Brittany {and others the Lord brings into my life} the abundant love that the Lord has for them. I can tell them how much they are worth. I can speak all the life into them that I want. But I can’t change them. 

This is a humbling thing to learn, because I want to change people. That is a common goal, even among non believers. Us girls go into relationships always wanting to change the other. We become friends with people thinking that we are the answer and we can change them. 

We do not do the life transformation. We speak of Jesus, and if the person chooses, then Jesus will do a work in them. 

Mentoring is a humbling experience for other reasons as well. It’s easy to feel like I’m not good enough to help Brittany. Who am I to tell her the ways of a godly women when I have trouble as well? But the Lord is good because being honest about that humbly experience also helps Brittany not idolize me. 

The scripture that I looked to out a year into mentoring was the Timothies! I finally realized that I didn’t know as much about mentoring as I thought, and I needed to know more. 

The Timothies taught me that the Lord desires this of me into to mentor Brittany to the best of my abilities: 

Being clear

Being encouraging

Being patient

Being honest

Be in prayer for the person you are pouring into 

Encourage prayer 

Being a living example

The funny thing about the last one is that that means everything we teach our sweet mentee’s applies to us as well. We have to remember that we have to continue growing. We have to keep being poured into in order to pour into our mentee.


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