Therefore, Encourage One Another

1 Thessalonians 5 has been such an encourage chapter for me this morning. So encouraging, I had to share.

We are children of the Lord. “We belong to the Day.” “We are children of the Light.” We are called to be awake for the life we live. We have to be soberminded and alert!

He has given us a sweet sweet armor of God. We have “faith and love as a breastplate” and “the hope of salvation as a helmet.”

We have so many reasons to encourage those around us. We have so many methods of encouragement. He encourages us daily, therefore we must g out and do His work as well!

You have so many reasons to “acknowledge those who work hard among you” and “who care for you in the Lord” and “who admonish you.”

This life doesn’t always come with happiness. When we accept Jesus, we also accept a life full of working toward Him. But one of the most rewarding things in to encourage another sweet soul so that they can overcome the life struggles and live more for Him.

I want to love everyone equally. If Jesus wants to pursue their souls, then so do I.

Dear God, help me to pursue Your children more.


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