God is real. He is Light. He loves us deeply. Therefore, He asks for all.

Matthew 6:22-23 22 “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, 23 but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”

Did any one else want to say life at the end of that passage? I definitely did. But God makes no mistakes therefore He used light as a reason. This is my revelation from this verse: light= the light of the face of God- His glory! We can glorify God more if we give our WHOLE body, our WHOLE life over to Him. If we give our how life to His light.

Sin in one area of your life can affect other areas of your life. It is really hard to preach to someone about salvation or the resurrection when openly sinning. By opening, I mean sinning and not desiring to change. People can see that desire.

A non-believers will probably just look at you like a hypocrite if you are not practicing what you preach.

Now this doesn’t mean we won’t sin. We will. And God knows that. And we can openly communicate that with someone when we are trying to speak life into them. But we have to have a willing and trying heart.

When Jesus says “if then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness”, he isn’t saying that there isn’t a light in you, isn’t that cool? He acknowledges that our salvation is still real by saying if the light in you is darkness. You still have a light all along. You have your salvation forever once you accept Him as Lord. Sin doesn’t make that go away, even willingly sinning doesn’t. But He is saying that the sin that you refuse to let go of is dimming that light inside of you. It’s making it harder for others to see it. {or like I said previously, it’s making it harder for others who don’t know Jesus to take you seriously}.

For me this week, my sin, my stronghold holding me back has been stress. What I have quickly learned is that my stress is not glorifying to the Lord. The kind of stress I have experiencing is related to not trusting God with my life. I am sinning. And that sin, that stress, has been dimming my light. However, I am willing to change. I don’t want to stress. I fall into it daily, but daily I try to not. Therefore, instead of being guilty, I decided to be positive towards myself. My stress not glorifying the Lord is actually freeing. I don’t have to stress. He wants my burdens.

That sin you are holding on to doesn’t define you. You don’t have to continue to dwell in it. The Lord is calling you now saying, “my sons and daughters come into the light with me! I want the world to see the beauty inside of you! The beauty I created! I love you my beloved! Now follow me.”

The Sermon on the Mount is a call to action. In Matthew 6:19-20 it declares we build treasures in heaven, not treasures on earth. It is a call to act on earth for the glory of Heaven! And our Lord, our Heavenly Father sweetly tells us how to fulfill that action! He doesn’t simply tell us to do something without instruction. But instead, He says, “My children, stop worrying about this world and what it brings, and realize all I have to give you!” And He goes on to say “fix your eyes on the Light and turn from your sin. Then you will see all I have in store!”

There are 66 books in the Bible with 40 different others from different walks in life. So many different opinons, and I don’t even know that many people in our day and age that can agree with each other nonetheless people in that day and age that have way less technology than us and way less resources and way less abilities to be connected with others. Yet they all agree of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. You see we can all pretty much agree a guy named Jesus lived. The world fights about if He rose again! That’s what people are not sure of, and I used to think, “God if You want everyone of us to go to heaven and You have a song equally then why wouldn’t you just make yourself so incredibly known! Why wouldn’t you have visited more people after Your resurrection, so that everyone wouldn’t even have a choice but to believe You. Then this is what dawned on me. He did make Himself greatly known after His resurrection. It wouldn’t of mattered if you talk to 1000 more people after His resurrection or thousand less after His resurrection, people would still be questioning it just as much. This is because the devil is roaming this world, and he wants to get into our mind and invade our thoughts. He wants us to have doubts about Jesus Christ. You know, it’s not logical to believe in God. That’s what is personally hard for me. I am a very logical person. But if faith was logical, there would be no mystery behind Jesus Christ, and that is a part of His character. There’s a mystery in His name, and if there was no mystery, then less people would probably want to follow him. Mystery is apart of His beauty, His glory. Mystery is something that we should be thankful for even know it’s a hard thing for us to grasp. So even though it doesn’t feel like it’s logical, the Bible AND the Sermon on the Mount AND Matthew 6:22-23 is still very valid. The Lord Jesus came down to give us sweet words on how to live this narrow path life out. The Sermon on the Mount comes straight from His mouth. Therefore, we need to take our sweet Jesus seriously! Lets think about Matthew 6:22-23 again.

Blind people can function. They just can’t function as easily as we do. They can get around in life, and eventually it will get easier and easier for them to do so. Being blind isn’t life or death. There is a reason that God uses eyes in this verse. God isn’t saying that if one area of our life is messy that we are doomed and going to hell. But He saying that functioning in the light will benefit your Christian walk. It is the only true satisfaction! Being lukewarm will not make us happy. Living with a leg in the church and a leg in the world will not bring us joy. Only putting our darkness, our sins, down at the feet of Jesus will bring us the joy He declares us to have.


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