Prayer of a Faithful Sinner

Dear Jesus,

Every victory is found in You. Humble me so that my heart can receive that victory over my own flesh- the victory that is already eternally won through my salvation, which is a glorification of Your grace. I pray that I never loose the wonder of my salvation. So many times, dear God, I try to focus on being good enough today, versus looking back on the day I became as white as snow in Your eyes. I am sometimes afraid that if I remember the beauty of Your forgiveness, then I will loose the motivation to live for You in every way possible, because I might realize that I do not have to live that way to enter Your Kingdom. But Lord I must remember that my life is Your will. And Your will is for me to remember my salvation, and be everyday, thankful for my undeserving salvation! Because I do not need to be good enough. I do not need to worry about my desire to be good enough. I simply need to abide in You, and my faith will overflow with the Your predesigned good works! Dear Jesus, please help me stop being so prideful by thinking that I know the best way to do Your service in this world. Humble my heart. Help me know that Your weakest point is stronger than my strongest point will ever be. Help me know the foolishness of You is wiser than the wisest thought I will ever have! Help me see that Your will is greater than any will I could ever conjure up! You WILL work everything for the good of those who love You, and therefore I do not need to worry. If fact, I need to ever worry again. You will not only take my worry Jesus, but You WANT my worry. You know me. You know the hairs on my head, and You know that Your will will be better achieved on this earth if I live with Your yoke, not my own. Thank You Jesus for Your patience with me. Thank You for pruning Your daughter to look more like You. Thank You for letting me soar on Your wings for all of my life. I love You so much. I desire You. I pray that I continue to desire You more and more for all of my life and evermore. You’re the One my heart longs for. Thank You for Your satisfaction. Thank You for Your blessings. You are more than I could ever ask for. I love You.



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