Songs of {Peace}

Songs of Solomon is an extraordinary love story between a man and a women, most likely to reflect the type of relationship God desires us to have with a significant other. 

However there is also a deeper way to approach this story as well.

The underlying message of Songs of Solomon is that this book is God’s love letter TO us, not just FOR us and our significant others. 

I believe so fully in my heart that God desires us. He desires our full heart, with all it’s brokenness. So not only does He desire us but He desires us just the way we are. Yes, He wants to give us a heart change and show us the freedom that He has to ofter.  But He isn’t asking us to change before we come to Him. Rather He wants us to run without fear into His wide open arms. 

And He won’t give up on us. Even if we didn’t hear Him, He has always been calling us, and even if we don’t want to hear Him, He is still forever calling our names. He will never forsake us or leave us or abandon us or forget us or decide to unlove us. We are His forever creation that He will continue pursuing for as long as we live. The rest is our part. We have to cling to Him and His promises. 

Just like the trust that takes place in the book of Songs of Solomon. It’s a beautiful love story with so much trust and love and that intimacy is the intimacy we are called to have with God Himself.

Songs of Solomon proclaims truths.

1:16 “How beautiful you are my darling, oh how beautiful” 

2:13 “Arise, come, my darling; beautiful one, come with me”

3:5 “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires” {because He values our purity and our hearts far more than we can imagine, even if we haven’t always been pure and our hearts are broken. To Him they are still as valuable as gold.}

5:10 “My beloved is radiant and ruddy, outstanding amount ten thousand” {ruddy is a flesh reddish color, so this can mean that His beloved is vibrant and outstanding, just as the rest of the verse finishes}

6:9 “But my dove, my perfect one, is unique, the only daughter of her mother” {in this time period, this is a very good definition for unique, because of the rarity behind a mother only having one daughter}

This is how God sees us! He wants us to know, He is shouting our worth right at us! We are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in HIs sweet eyes! 

But this all seems so repetitive. Why would God need to waste so much time telling us we are beautiful over and over again? Why not speak other truths in Songs of Solomon as well?

Simple: Do we truly believe deep in our hearts, souls, and minds that we are beautiful individuals? Do you think you are beautiful?

This is something I have struggled with a lot in my life, and I still do. And I also have walked along side some exquisite women and girls in my life that also have this same exact problem, and that is why God is so repetitive. He simply decides to meet us in the middle. He knows us girls feel negatively about ourselves and He desires to speak truth into our hearts! He refuses to let our worth be unspoken about. Rather He wants us to be able to proclaim how He feels about us daily, and live in that peace. The name Solomon means peace and to me, through this book, He is shouting, “My daughter, whom I love and adore, be at {PEACE} with yourself and see you how I see you!”

He wants us to live loving ourselves, and therefore loving others who are also God’s creation. If we can love the person we know the most about {us}, we know all the sin they have done and all the terrible thoughts they have had, then I truly believe loving others will come to us. We will start to live out the commandment to love others and gracefully overlook their sin, because we have repented and His grace has overlooked our own.

Knowing how God sees us really does change how we respond to His calling for our lives, not because we begin to feel as if we are on our way to perfection, but because we begin to understand this truth yet again- He simply decides to meet us in the middle. HIS perfection does the rest. 

So I dare us all to take in His love letter and believe His words with all our souls. Trust what He says, and let go of what society states about us, because to Him, we are wonderfully made.


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