Live With Abandon

I absolutely love this song by the Newsboys. It makes my soul so extremely happy when I sing the words “I want to live with abandon, give it all that I am. Every part of my heart Jesus I place in your hand.” I want to live with abandon for you lord. I want to put aside everything my flesh desires to pick up and just follow you. I want to deny myself. That’s what that song is proclaiming and that is beautiful.

When I first heard this song I didn’t quite see the beauty in it. It caught my attention for sure, but abandon? What does that even mean. I’m honestly still unpacking it every day.

But today I made headway for sure. I heard two distinct phrases that stood out to me like a brick wall.

“reckless abandon” and “carefree abandon”

I want to run to Him with reckless abandon. It isn’t pretty when we realize the baggage we let sin carry on our hearts sometimes. And if we want to abandon it, it’s a reckless type of situation. When I think of reckless, I think of someone just running around crazy and the people around him or her are probably looking at them like they are just that- crazies! And the Lord declares that the world SHOULD be looking at us like that. They should be pondering what is so great that we could run with ABANDON after it!

When you see someone running down the street, recklessly, what’s the absolute first thing you do? You turn you head and figure out what they are running from. And if you don’t see anything, you turn and see what they are running towards. We are running from our sin and into the arms of Jesus.


And if we run with a reckless abandon, we will undoubtedly turn heads. We will undoubtedly turn others heads and hearts to the love of Jesus. They should see the peace that sits on the face of the one living with abandon, because that person is literally shaking all of their sinful chains off! But yes, it’s crazy and weird, but it’s also relieving about burden less.

I feel like carefree kind of goes hand in hand with that as well. Carefree as in we couldn’t care less about anything else, but our Lord and Heavenly Father. Almost like children. They really don’t care about much else besides playing and their parents being there. Maybe that is how God wants us to live. He wants us to have so much trust in Him, similar to the trust toddler’s carry for their parents, that we don’t even worry about all of the stresses of life. We just live in the peace that He has given us and abandon all other requirements and worries from society. We just focus on the will of the one we are running fully and wholeheartedly to, because He is the only true satisfaction. The only true competition that this world can find, and we will never be complete until the day we meet Jesus Christ. But we can find the most satisfaction by striving for that completion that He has called us to strive for. He doesn’t want a perfect heart, no He wants our hearts with all it’s stains and tears and breaks, and He wants to show those hearts the transformation that only He can bring. The transformation from giving into the flesh and to chasing life.


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