Intimacy- (n.) closeness

Gods intentions for dating has nothing to do with being happier than the other relationships we see, rather its basis was meant to be an intimate relationship that lead both souls closer to Him. We have simply gotten it tangled. We often seek a significant other for self confidence, security, joy. All of which are never fully fulfilled unless through our Savior. We try so hard to make one human fit this mold of all we need, and no human can do that. No human can be our God, yet we continue to try as if our relationship will somehow be the exception to all the rest.

We are to be intimate with our God. Now do not misread my words here, I am not saying we are to be ONLY INTIMATE with Him. He is it not only our Groom, but also our Good Good Father and our Dear Friend. But I believe the most frequently forgotten form of God in our lives is intimacy. He isn’t just some disciplinarian. He isn’t just some advice giver. He is those things, but He is so much more. He desires to be our first and foremost, strongest and deepest desire. Oh He desires for us to long to be with Him in heaven just as Paul longed to leave this earth to be with God, but knew it wasn’t his time to leave. The first relationship on this earth wasn’t a mother and a daughter. It wasn’t two bros having coffee. No no no, it was a pure and sweet and beautifully intimacy between a man and a women. Between a bride and a groom. Why do you think that is? Our Perfect God isn’t capable of mistakes. He doesn’t do things of accident. There aren’t coincidences in the Bible. No, I believe He made the first relationship intimacy because that’s one of the most- if not the most important relationship we humans are capable of having with Him. We are His bride, who He loves dearly and who He desires intimacy with.

The definition for intimacy is closeness. He aspires for closeness with us. And He also desires for our intimate relationships here on earth to reflect that. But for our dating relationships to reflect that, we must wait for His timing. Which is extremely hard to do when its becoming so normal for 10 year olds to “date” now.

We spend so much time throughout our lives focusing on relationships, especially us girls, but guys too. We spend time in high school talking about dating and wishing we were dating. We dwell so much on how amazing this boy is and how great marriage will be. Our hearts LONG for it. They undeniably long for intimacy. But all our life there is a God- pursuing and pursuing and pursuing intimacy with us and we’re to blinded by this world to even notice he is everything we have ever wanted! He made us! Therefore we long for Him! We long for He who is intimacy. Even if you don’t notice it, you long for him. We long for forever, eternity, we long for love and acceptance! We long for perfection and joy. He is everything our hearts long for.

God desires our relationships to be a symbol of the purest of relationships He pursues with us. He is our groom and we imageare His bride. He comes purely and holy and covers us with His blood so we can come in the same condition. He is coming for us. One day He is returning to be reunited fully with every human who also realizes their desire for intimacy.

My challenge: read songs of Solomon in the form of God speaking sweet nothings to us- His bride. Then reread it in the form of our sweet spouse speaking sweet nothings to us. For our God must always come first, and our sweet significant next.


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