Soaring On ~His Wings~

soaring on His wings

2 Corinthians 12:9

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Therefore I DELIGHT in weakness. I have JOY through weakness. My weakness that I seem to be experiencing right now is the need to be perfect, mostly when it comes to my health. I can find myself feeling guilty about having salad dressing if I don’t watch myself. But I delight in my need for the Lord because it keeps me in constant communion with Him. Without Him my self image will never improve. I’ve tried to do it my way for about 5 years now. Always slightly feeling Him tugging at my heart but never wanting to give in because that would mean I would hand to lose the image of myself I wanted to achieve. I knew if I gave into God, I would never get that perfect body. But now I am falling into His perfect and sufficient grace and the freedom that comes with that is a whole new type of beautiful. 

I am beautiful. I am washed by the water and blood of Christ Jesus Himself therefore I stand blameless in the sight of my Heavenly Father who solely wants to embrace me with his compassionate heart. He sees me covered in beautiful blood. Despite me being born nothing more than a sinner by nature, I am seen as worthy in His eyes. The thought is so pure and sweet. 

So by delighting in my weakness I get to delight in God all the more gladly. 

Although my flesh will forever be in a battle with my spirit, I am thankful for my fleshes weakness, because it keeps me constantly dependent on my Savior who I can do all things through. 

Romans addresses the fact that while we may desire to do what is right, we will always sin and fall short of His glory. It’s easy to dwell on that burden. But what Romans also declares we we have no condemnation if we are in Christ. And Galations speaks that truth as well saying that we were meant to be free and that the desires of our flesh were crucified with Jesus Christ. Although we may fight battles, the war has already been won. 

Remember when we were younger and we would bring our shoes to mom to put on us? Or we would get scared of the dog we just met and put our arms up to dad to hold us away from the danger? And how many years did it take us to just go get our own food when we were hungry instead of going up to mom and dad to say “I’m hungry”. We were so dependent on them. But did that irritate us? No. Honestly, we knew that they had the food, the protection, the knowledge. And we just loved them. 

That’s the hind of humble relationship we should pursue with out heavenly father. 


One thought on “Soaring On ~His Wings~

  1. Kaylin,
    I saw on Facebook about a month ago that you were doing this blog. After reading it, I am really touched and inspired by you. I have always looked up to you and hope to one day to become a beautiful person, inside and out, like you are! I’m so happy I met you and though I was rough around the edges at first you really made an impact on my life and ever since I have strived to better myself and to strengthen my relationship with God. So I just wanted to thank you and let you know what a positive difference you are making!

    – Brook

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