Eleutheromania: (n.) an intense desire for freedom

Insecurities are real. Like stupid real. We all have them and most of the time they are not even logical. Some of our insecurities might even be someone else’s favorite thing about us. But it us undeniably true that they exist in every single human. Even Eve, who was already holy in God’s sight before she ate the fruit, wanted to know more. She was insecure in her knowledge. So when the serpent told her by eating the fruit, she would be like God, she did it. 

A lot of people would then say that girls are the ones with insecurities and that men have different issues. i think that is a lie from the devil. Some of my great friends are guys, and let me enlighten everyone in on a little secret- they are JUST as insecure as girls. That doesn’t make them less manly. It doesn’t make them weak. In my opinion, it makes them stronger. But here is why I know that even besides the men in my life, men as a whole have insecurities too. 

Adam ate the fruit too. 

Think about the last time you did something wrong right after your best friend {who Eve was to him} did. Why did you do it? A lot of times we do it because of insecurity. If I am secure in myself, I have no need to fall into the peer pressure of someone telling me what to do. But Adam fell just like Eve did. Meaning he had some sort of desire for more. He wanted to be greater. Even this sinless man wanted to be greater.

Girls and guys alike deal with insecurities. And in my opinion, it’s time to concur them. 

We live our lives trying to hide these insecurities because we want people to think we have it all together. But Jesus tells us throughout the bible to confess our sins. James 5:16 says

“Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”

He wants us to be open about whats going on in our lives. Thats why He gave us fellowship and spiritual community and that’s why those elements are so important. Sometimes even more important than listening to a sermon on Sunday mornings. Fellowship and spiritual community allow for conversation and resolution.

Paul tells Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:15

“Be diligent in these matters, giving yourself wholly to them {the scriptures}, so that everyone may see your progress”

To me that means that we should devote our lives to following scripture and be honest when we fail {with out spiritual community} because once people start seeing our lives change, then they will see it’s Jesus changing it. 

Most people don’t overcome their insecurities. There is actually a video on YouTube called “Dove Legacy I A girl’s confidence starts with you” and it shows how daughters almost inherit their mom’s insecurities. So literally these insecurities we deal with in todays day are not being concured but subconciously passed on.

Let’s end that.

You see it may seem hard to be honest with people about our insecurities, but I’m not saying you have to post your deepest secret on instagram. But I am saying that if we, as christians, could come together and start being honest in our spiritual communities, we would probably find that our insecurities that we could never let anyone know because they are so terrible, are probably very similar to other peoples insecurities that they could never tell because it’s so terrible. 

Jesus called us to freedom from the judgement of society. I think to begin living out that freedom, we must start talking. Confide in your spiritual community. If you don’t have one, find one. Pray for one. Don’t let society weigh you down. Fight the good fight<3

Philiphians 4:6-7 “Don’t worry about anything, but instead pray about everything. with thankful hearts offer up yours prayers and requests to God. Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel.”

That’s how we fight the good fight. We declare our Jesus is stronger than the pulls of this world and we pray with power. We investigate His love story that was written to us and start living out the scriptures just like Paul charged Timothy to do. 

We have the power of the Holy Spirit burning inside of our hearts. Therefore, we are overcomers and societies view of what we should be does not have to influence our view of ourselves any longer. We are all beautiful {inside and out} and we should no longer deny this wonderful fact(:


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