Psalms 4:7 {You have filled my <3 with greater joy}


For some reason this word has been on my mind lately. I think it’s because of John 10:10

“Jesus came to give life and life abundantly”

To me that just screams joy! We have so much to live for. The Lord of Lords and King of Kings lives inside of us, giving us the ability to do all things through Him! Meaning we can go out and change the world! And by doing it, people will see Jesus in us because of our joy. It’s something unbelievers can’t really achieve. The world strives for happiness, which is fleeting and ultimately disappointing. That’s why when people see joy in us, they know that there is something different about us. We live a life of freedom from society’s judgement {if we do so choose to accept that life}

So I want to choose joy. Although it is a fruit of the spirit and a gift and/or product of God in our life, it is also a choice. Just like Jesus is a choice. A lot of times we accept Jesus and still don’t fully accept all of His teachings. We still allow the chains of this world to hold us down, and the devil spends his time trying to tell us there isn’t an escape. But listen here- Jesus is joy and freedom and peace.

I want to choose Him and I want to inspire others to choose Him.

Think of the life of the disciples and Jesus. They lived so abundantly! So fully! They climbed the highest mountains and explored the oceans all while not being tied down by what society said they needed, but all while experiencing and learning who God is.

We need to realize how valuable and able we are through God. Society is temporary but the life with live for Jesus is lived for an eternal purpose. Take hold of that purpose my sweet sweet friends. Live for Him and stop trying to please this world. It’s unpleasable!

You’re precious. Beautiful. Valuable. Worthy. Strong. Courageous. Unique. Beloved.

Find your confidence in Jesus Christ and not in yourself. Then take that confidence out into this earth and start telling God’s people about their identity in Christ! I promise once you start living more and more for Jesus, you will experience the joy and freedom that come with Him. Pray for it. Strive for it. He loves us so much more than we even know.

Now vow today to go out and live and love, joyfully and fully.


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